Advanced refining & upcycling methodologies to provide beneficial environment

Our aim is to be the world's most environmentally influential electronics recycling company. Our cutting-edge technologies have allowed us to revolutionize the landscape of modern recycling. Our experienced t e a m of visionaries a n d professionals provide innovative, dream-to-reality solutions
  • Zero Landfill
  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Exportation

Ascent Urban Recyclers prides itself behind state-of-the-art eWaste processing technologies. Our advanced refining has allowed for exceptional return to our clients and our upcycling methodologies have provided beneficial environmental results. Due to these efforts, Ascent Urban Recyclers is a true, zero residual company.

Ascent Urban Recyclers has been conceived for people who want
a E-Waste Management Service who are tired of the poor, inefficient service provided by other vendors. Ascent Urban Recyclers is a fast and efficient on-demand E-Waste service.

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